Monday, 24 July 2017

Stuff found in a Lightning Rail compartment

Our rogue decided to dig around in a random first class cabin of a crashed lightning rail. The treasure below was [rolled] fair and square, then seasoned with details because inspiration struck.

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50 bonus XP if you can guess a short profile of the previous owner.
100 bonus XP if you can suggest interesting consequences of trying to sell the art objects!

[see bottom of post for responses]

Treasure hoard, level 0-4 (p137, DMG 5e)

[1d100] = 43
--> [2d4]=4 art objects (25gp each)
--> [1d6]=3 magic items, table A

Art objects, 25 gp each (p134, DMG 5e)

[1d10]=2 = carved bone statuette; pouncing displacer beast
[1d10]=1 = silver ewer; decorated with stars and moons
[1d10]=9 = embroidered silk handkerchief; initials Sd'T
[1d10]=3 = small gold bracelet; charms of a lute and dagger

Magic items table A (p144, DMG 5e)

[d100]=84 = wizard spell scroll (lvl1) - fog cloud
[d100]=15 = potion of healing
[d100]=68 = potion of climbing


Locked strongbox (1/2 litre volume)
- rustling sound (paper)
- something small and dense rolls around inside

Previous owners of your honest find

  1. Member of an archaeological society, who found the item in an abandoned village in the Demon Wastes and informed the society of his find.
  2. Property of a Warforged mage - the only thing (s)he/it held dear in life. Hopefully the mage is now wandering the mists of the Mournland instead of hunting down his stolen property.
  3. Commissioned by the world famous adventurer and explorer David Dunn. Heirloom from his father, equally legendary in stature.
  4. Previously owned by a dragon called Eugene. Total mystery as to how it got to where you found it.
  5. Assassin Harmless dragonmarked entertainer from House Thuranni. Sleep tight.
  6. Soul-vessel of the bound Rakshasa demon Teacher-of-Slaves, who is pleasantly surprised at having been stolen instead of buried forever by Silver Flame paladins.

Complications when selling an honest find

  1. A secret society the previous owner belonged to finds out about your selling their item. When they discover the owner is dead, they want you to take their place in their ranks.
  2. Previous owner will hunt down his property and try to take revenge on whoever stole it.
  3. Item turns out to be a highly valuable collectible, worth easily 3x listed price. Buyer will try to screw you over by offering 80% listed price.
  4. Item's previous owner known as supremely covetous, will want property back. Good luck finding a fence who will risk buying it.
  5. Item is a perfect focus for scrying spells. Previous owner capable and/or wealthy enough to get said spell cast. 
  6. Item will provide inspiration through odd dreams.  

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