Saturday, 1 July 2017

Item: Exalted Servant Band

"Hey man, can I change my character? And I'd like to have a cursed item which eats my health." Sure thing!

One of my players wanted to switch out his character (apparently unsatisfied that his halfling had survived the session) and wrote up a nice back story - I'll paraphrase:

Mysterious organization kidnaps orphans to a woodland refuge during the Last War. Experiments on them with weird elixers and hurtful magic items. At the end of the war, a circle of nearby Druids break up the nefarious scheme. Any surviving orphans get a potion recipe to help fight off lingering effects from the research.
The character now wears a non-removable metal band with 3 dragonshard crystals around his bicep. Every long rest, roll 1d6:

1d6 Level 1-3 Level 4-6 Level 7+
1 One level of exhaustion One level of exhaustion 2d3 hit dice spent
2 1 hit die spent One level of exhaustion 2d3 hit dice spent
3 1 hit die spent 2 hit dice spent 2x level damage
4 1x level damage 2 hit dice spent 2x level damage
5 1x level damage 1x level damage 1 year of your life
6 2x level damage 2x level damage 1d3 years of your life

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