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Hirelings vol.2: the sorry lot of 'em

Hirelings. They smell. They bumble. They faint when they should fight and preach when you try to rest. Ready to become their employer? Finding a sellsword or two will be easy as long as you can spend some cash to get the word out.

We're hiring

The table below lists all the hirelings available in the local area. To track down your future hireling, go around the local watering holes, hang up posters, hire a town crier or even a bard to spread the news. Then check out the table below, find the right die for your PR campaign and charisma (who's a dump stat now?) and roll for your hireling.

 CHARISMA3-45-8 9-12 13-1718+
 10 gp1d11d41d6 1d101d12
 25 gp1d4 1d6 1d101d121d20
 50 gp 1d61d10  1d121d201d30
 100 gp1d10 1d12 1d201d30your pick
Hiring a bard means you get to use their swanky charisma instead of your own to roll a bigger die. Bigger dice get you further down the list, where the more skilled hirelings are. Then again, the lower numbers will get you that unique Skyrim Henchman feel.

Hiring a bard to hire your hirelings

Charisma 14: 10 gp.
Charisma 18: 40 gp. 

You mean you literally only want me for what you consider a dump stat?
Yes. Now sod off and find us someone who likes to get stabby.

Hireling table

 1Edrik the Stalwart
Porter 1
1 sp/day
Human, Karrnath
Complains when hungry, wet, sleepy, alive.

 2"Powder" Jenkins
Sage 1
4 sp/day
Gnome, Cyre
Alchemist. Druggie. Prepares his own.

 3Theo the Barrel
Porter 1
1 sp/day
Halfling, Aundair
Eats. Everything.
 4Blind Steggis
Torchbearer 1
2 sp/day
Halfling, Breland
Runs and hides when threatened
Torchbearer 1
2 sp/day
Kobold, Droaam
Obsessed with dragons
 6Smiling Bertolt
Crossbowman 1
3 sp/day
Human, Aundair
Actually a bard looking hard for recognition. In over his head.
 7Grey Ashdrak
Brute 1
3 sp/day
Hobgoblin, Darguun
Macho, alpha male. Noisy as fuck.
 8Mad Kolviss
Locksmith 1
3 sp/day
Gnome, Aundair
Advantage to find traps. Paranoid; takes ages to check EVERYTHING
 9Stitchy Holmes
Battlefield healer 1
3 sp/day
Human, Breland
Leaves sloppy scars
(Heal 4 hp/day)
 10Akkin One-Tusk
Halberdier 1
4 sp/day
Half-Orc, Thrane
Silver Flame zealot. Judgmental
 11Kaffiyah Darkmoon
Scout 1
5 sp/day
Elf, Valenar
Inferiority complex, hero worship
 12Breaker Ulf
Shieldbearer 1
5 sp/day
Dwarf, Eldeen Reaches
Flashbacks to tunnel fighting
 13Blackfang Gilla
Brute 2
6 sp/day
Lizardman, Q'barra
Stoic, fatalist. Pronounces others' doom at slightest misfortune. Anyone hurt gets left behind.
Battlefield healer 2
6 sp/day
Kalashtar, Aundair
Very touchy-feely. Path of Light preacher
(Heal 8 hp/day)
 15Dariel Longshot
Crossbowman 2
6 sp/day
Half-Elf, Thrane
Nationalist. Changeling on the run
Locksmith 2
6 sp/day
Warforged, Cyre
Finds death traps fascinating
 17Mikaela Forgehold
Shieldbearer 3
15 sp/day
Dwarf, Mror Holds
Follows the Host. Ever so slightly hunted by House Thuranni
 18Dargo the Hound
Scout 2
10 sp/day
Shifter, Karrnath
Wildhunt (wis). Blood of Vol follower. Moonlights (haha) as bounty hunter
Halberdier 2
8 sp/day
Hobgoblin, Breland
Vow of silence. Intent stare. Listens to whispering bottle.
 20Eyes-only Jaleel
Torchbearer 4
8 sp/day
Elf, Breland
Alert feat. In it for the adrenaline
 21Alvis the Penitent
Sage 4
16 sp/day
Half-Elf, Cyre
Religion/Arcana, Ritual caster [1]. Masochist; automutilation; Mockery monk
 22Zakra the Hammer
Brute 3
9 sp/day
Shifter, Eldeen Reaches
Beasthide (AC). Not a fan of subtlety; plans; Aundarians. Owns trained bloodhound
 23Hilda Swiftfingers
Locksmith 4
12 sp/day
Dwarf, Karrnath
Dungeon delver feat. Kundarak reject because of low birth
 24Lida the Kind
Battlefield healer 4
12 sp/day
Halfling, Talenta Plains
Magic initiate [2]. House Jorasco healer.
(Heal 16 hp/day)
 25Ovak Longstride
Halberdier 4
16 sp/day
Half-Orc, Shadow Marches
Noble savage type (50% chance Cultist of the Dragon Below)
Shieldbearer 4
20 sp/day
Warforged, Karrnath
Heavily armored feat. Bodyguard; Deneith Defender's Guild
 27Paelias the Knife
Crossbowman 4
12 sp/day
Half-Elf, Lhazaar Principalities
Crossbow expert feat. swashbuckler, follows the Traveler. Total hit with the ladies.
 28Philena Silverfire
Sorceror 3
15 sp/day
Human, Thrane
Draconic - fire. Pyro. Silver Flame. Demonhunter.
Ranger 3
15 sp/day
Gnoll, Drooam
Hunter archetype. Takes a bite out of everything he (she?) kills
30Dreyga Blackwing
Barbarian 3
15 sp/day
Human, Seren
Path of Rage. Totem quest. Frazetta armor. Black dragon wings tattooed on shoulder blades.

[1] Rituals known: Comprehend Languages, Identify
[2] Cantrips: Spare the Dying, Resistance. Spell: Healing Word

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