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Dragonmarks 5e

I have to think hard to remember more than a couple of Eberron's deities, but the Dragonmarked Houses with their genetic arcane tattoos more than make up for that. Magical guilds that dominate the economy? I know, economics is boring, but not with Prismatic Wall or Control Weather in the mix!

Here is my 5e tweak for the Dragonmarks; feats work slightly differently than in 3.Xe, and not all the spells survived the transition, so I had to hunt for nearest neighbours. I also like to get the overclocked Syberis Marks in play way earlier; level 8 (not 12) is when they can first show up.

Feat: Dragonmarked

You manifest a magic tattoo called a Dragonmark, which boosts your skill in a certain field and allows you to draw on magical power. You may be a recognized member of your House, or a scion of a lost bloodline, but your Dragonmark marks you as an heir of the great trade houses. Over time, your Dragonmark will expand and grow in power, as your House takes greater and greater interest in you.

You may take this feat at level one, by giving up +2 worth of ability bonus from your race. 

Prequisite: Human, Dwarf, Elf, Gnome, Halfling, Half-Elf or Half-Orc
Effect: when you take this feat, gain advantage in the use of a skill and gain the use of one spell in the Least Dragonmark line. The next time you qualify for an ability boost or feat, also gain the power of the Lesser Dragonmark, and use your Least Dragonmark power one extra time per day. When you qualify for an ability boost or feat again, gain the powers of the Greater Dragonmark and use your Least and Lesser powers one more time per day. Note: you do not have to spend extra feats or ability boosts to grow your Dragonmark; it happens automatically when you hit the right level.

Mark of Detection - House Medani
Race: Half-Elf
Warning Guild
Least: Advantage: Investigation; Detect magic 1/d OR Detect Poison 2/day
Lesser: Zone of Truth 1/d OR See Invisiblility 1/d
Greater Dragonmark: True Seeing 1/d

Mark of Finding - House Tharashk
Race: Half-Orc, Human
Finders Guild
Least: Advantage: Perception; Identify 1/d OR Locate Object 1/d
Lesser: Locate Creature 1/d
Greater: Find the Path 1/d

Mark of Handling - House Vadalis
Race: Human
Handlers Guild
Least: Advantage: Animal Handling; Animal Friendship 1/d OR Speak with Animals 1/d
Lesser: Dominate Beast 1/d OR Conjure Animals 1/d
Greater: Conjure Animals (level 5 slot) 1/d or Awaken 1/d

Mark of Healing- House Jorasco
Race: Halfling
Healers Guild
Least: Advantage: Medicine; Cure Wounds 1/d AND Spare the Dying cantrip
Lesser: Lesser Restoration 1/d OR Cure Wounds (level 3 slot) 1/d OR Protection from Poison 1/d
Greater: Heal 1/d OR Greater Restoration 1/d

Mark of Hospitality - House Ghallanda
Race: Halfling
Hostelers Guild
Least: Advantage: Persuasion; Purify Food & Drink 2/d OR Prestidigitation cantrip OR Unseen Servant 1/d
Lesser: Create Food & Water 1/d OR Tiny Hut 1/d
Greater: Heroes' Feast 1/d OR Magnificent Mansion 1/d

Mark of Making - House Cannith
Race: Human
Tinkers Guild, Fabricators Guild
Least: Advantage: Artisan's Tools (and proficiency in one set); Mending 2/d
Lesser: Fabricate 1/d
Greater: Creation 1/d

Mark of Passage - House Orien
Race: Human
Couriers Guild, Transportation Guild
Least: Advantage: Survival; Jump 1/d OR Longstrider 1/d OR Misty Step 1/d
Lesser: Dimension Door 1/d OR Phantom Steed 1/d
Greater: Teleportation Circle 1/d OR Wind Walk 1/d

Mark of Scribing - House Sivis
Race: Gnome
Speakers Guild, Notaries Guild
Least: Advantage: Deception; Comprehend Languages 1/d OR Message 1/d
Lesser: Illusory Script 1/d OR Tongues 1/d OR Sending 1/d
Greater: Divine Word 1/d OR Telepathic Bond 1/d

Mark of Sentinel - House Deneith
Race: Human
Defenders Guild, Blademarks Guild
Least: Advantage: Insight; Mage Armor 1/d OR Shield of Faith 1/d OR Warding Bond 1/d
Lesser: Protection from Energy 1/d OR Stoneskin 1/d
Greater: Globe of Invulnerability 1/d OR Wall of Force 1/d

Mark of Shadow - House Phiarlann / Thuranni
Race: Elf
Ph: Entertainers and Artisans Guild; Th: Shadows Guild
Least: Advantage: Persuasion Darkness 1/d OR Disguise Self 1/d OR Minor Image 1/d
Lesser: Clairvoyance 1/d OR Scrying 1/d
Greater: Mislead 1/d OR Programmed Illusion 1/d

Mark of Storm - House Lyrandar
Race: Half-Elf
Raincallers Guild, Windwrights Guild
Least: Advantage: Acrobatics; Fog Cloud 1/d OR Gust of Wind 1/d
Lesser: Sleet Storm 1/d OR Wind Wall 1/d
Greater: Control Weather 1/d

Mark of Warding - House Kundarak
Race: Half-Elf
Banking Guild, Warding Guild
Least: Advantage: Investigation; Alarm 1/d OR Arcane Lock
Lesser: Glyph of Warding 1/d OR Nondetection 1/d OR Private Sanctum 1/d
Greater: Faithful Hound 1/d OR Guards and Wards 1/d

Feat: Siberys Mark

Very rarely, an unmarked member suddenly erupts with a Dragonmark covering almost their entire body. These Siberys Marks are more powerful than even the Greater Dragonmarks and are highly prized by the Houses. Only two or three Siberys Marks are active at any one time. Syberis Marked are quickly approached by their House - or competitors - to gain access to their power or to slit their throats if they prove willful, to try and get the Mark to manifest on someone more pliable. From underappreciated peon to overpowered trophy cousin, who wouldn't want one of these?

Prequisite: Human, Dwarf, Elf, Gnome, Halfling, Half-Elf or Half-Orc. Level 8+
Effect: gain the power of your House's Siberys Mark.

Mark of Detection (Half-Elf) - Foresight 1/d
Mark of Finding (Half-Orc or Human) - Discern Location 1/d (as the 3.5e spell)
Mark of Handling (Human) - Animal Shapes 1/d
Mark of Healing (Halfling) - Mass Heal 1/d
Mark of Hospitality (Halfling) - Antipathy / Sympathy 1/d
Mark of Making (Human) - Animate Objects (level 9 slot) 1/d
Mark of Passage (Human) - Teleport 1/d
Mark of Scribing (Gnome) - Symbol 1/d
Mark of Sentinel (Human) - Mind Blank 1/d
Mark of Shadow (Elf) - Project Image 1/d OR Etherealness 1/d
Mark of Storm (Half-Elf) - Storm of Vengeance 1/d
Mark of Warding (Dwarf) - Prismatic Wall 1/d

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