Sunday 16 May 2021

Belswick 31 - the burglared Jarl

Over 30 sessions of this campaign, unbelievable! I'm still enjoying it, even though Planescape, Eberron, Star Wars and Delta Green are very tempting. So many campaign ideas, so little time.

Last time in Belswick, the newest members of the Eagle Rider mercenaries made their way to the Frostreaver clan of ice giants, to bargain for safe passage into the enemy kingdom of Arrayne. Right before getting there, they fought a bunch of Arraynian spies with either impressive training or mental powers that allowed them to act and fight as one.


We pick up a replacement for the fallen Ungulu the Inquisitor priest of the Exile. Pyrrha, who had introducing herself as the sister of dead Mike the Druid back in Crossroads, wakes up next to a massive wolf with a white front leg. "Morning sis. What's up?"

The party make their way to the Three Spires mountain landmark, the last (hard) climbs before the ice giant stronghold. With Mike's shapeshifting into a giant ape, Pyrrha getting buoyed up by the Winter Court's winds and solid rock climbing by Shams the dwarf, the party make it up without serious problems. Guy the wizard bitches about having to make this hellish climb, but does fine in the end, as does Barak the holy fighter of Gromesh.

At the Frostreaver stronghold, the group find themselves in a thievery plot!

This session's Dwarven Forge build is Asdir's Hall, made with the Emperor's Mega Pack and some bits and bobs (Walls & Pillars set for the throne, and pieces of dungeon wall corner for the fallen rubble.)


  • Jarl Asdir Rimebeard has lost the sacred Cup of Thrymm from the clan's locked tower shrine. He's not sure who stole the 5 foot silver drinking bowl, but is willing to grant the wish of whoever brings it back.
  • Brynna Jarlsdottir is Asdir's (sole surviving) daughter and is a handful of trouble. Has confirmed through throwing the runes that the Cup is not in or near the giant fort.
  • Wisewoman Kitha Frosttongue is tasked with keeping the clan's stories and memories, and protected the Cup of Thrymm.
  • Jantru Shardfist is a hot-headed brute who comes close to challenging Asdir and picks on weaker Hagden.
  • Warak Fogbreath is an older hunter.
  • Hagden is a grey-tinted, slender mongrel of an ice giant; it turns out his mother was a stone giant captured on a raid. The clan look down on him as a lesser specimen of gianthood. Jantru in particular pesters him constantly.


  • Julie de Rennes, emmissary from Arrayne here to win passage for her armies into Belswick; wasn't here with her servants when the Cup of Thrymm was stolen but has pledged to find it.
  • Yutrus of the Spear, servant of the yet-unnamed Lord of the Spear somewhere in these mountains; was here on other business when the Cup was stolen, pledged to find it.
  • The party, housed not in the halls themselves but with Hagden in a hut outside. He gives them his pillow to use as a communal bed.


Lots of investigating, talking, following and otherwise sleuthing. Basically, we're playing a game of Guess Who ("do they have glasses? a beard? red hair?"), inspired by Triple Suns' posts on how to structure mystery plots. I'll let the players sort out their own notes because I don't want to give out too much info or steer them in any particular direction.


Barak sneaks after Yutrus' Orc band when they take the giant's stairs into the pass below the fort. There the Orc meets with a runner from Yutrus' bands in the area; apparently the search for the Cup of Thrymm isn't going too well for the Orcs, who have run into a band of harpies in the high mountains. (Aren't the players happy they took the longer route through the hinterlands?)