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Dragonmarks 5e

I have to think hard to remember more than a couple of Eberron's deities, but the Dragonmarked Houses with their genetic arcane tattoos more than make up for that. Magical guilds that dominate the economy? I know, economics is boring, but not with Prismatic Wall or Control Weather in the mix!

Here is my 5e tweak for the Dragonmarks; feats work slightly differently than in 3.Xe, and not all the spells survived the transition, so I had to hunt for nearest neighbours. I also like to get the overclocked Syberis Marks in play way earlier; level 8 (not 12) is when they can first show up.

Feat: Dragonmarked

You manifest a magic tattoo called a Dragonmark, which boosts your skill in a certain field and allows you to draw on magical power. You may be a recognized member of your House, or a scion of a lost bloodline, but your Dragonmark marks you as an heir of the great trade houses. Over time, your Dragonmark will expand and grow in power, as your House takes greater and greater interest in you.

You may take this feat at level one, by giving up +2 worth of ability bonus from your race. 

Prequisite: Human, Dwarf, Elf, Gnome, Halfling, Half-Elf or Half-Orc
Effect: when you take this feat, gain advantage in the use of a skill and gain the use of one spell in the Least Dragonmark line. The next time you qualify for an ability boost or feat, also gain the power of the Lesser Dragonmark, and use your Least Dragonmark power one extra time per day. When you qualify for an ability boost or feat again, gain the powers of the Greater Dragonmark and use your Least and Lesser powers one more time per day. Note: you do not have to spend extra feats or ability boosts to grow your Dragonmark; it happens automatically when you hit the right level.

Mark of Detection - House Medani
Race: Half-Elf
Warning Guild
Least: Advantage: Investigation; Detect magic 1/d OR Detect Poison 2/day
Lesser: Zone of Truth 1/d OR See Invisiblility 1/d
Greater Dragonmark: True Seeing 1/d

Mark of Finding - House Tharashk
Race: Half-Orc, Human
Finders Guild
Least: Advantage: Perception; Identify 1/d OR Locate Object 1/d
Lesser: Locate Creature 1/d
Greater: Find the Path 1/d

Mark of Handling - House Vadalis
Race: Human
Handlers Guild
Least: Advantage: Animal Handling; Animal Friendship 1/d OR Speak with Animals 1/d
Lesser: Dominate Beast 1/d OR Conjure Animals 1/d
Greater: Conjure Animals (level 5 slot) 1/d or Awaken 1/d

Mark of Healing- House Jorasco
Race: Halfling
Healers Guild
Least: Advantage: Medicine; Cure Wounds 1/d AND Spare the Dying cantrip
Lesser: Lesser Restoration 1/d OR Cure Wounds (level 3 slot) 1/d OR Protection from Poison 1/d
Greater: Heal 1/d OR Greater Restoration 1/d

Mark of Hospitality - House Ghallanda
Race: Halfling
Hostelers Guild
Least: Advantage: Persuasion; Purify Food & Drink 2/d OR Prestidigitation cantrip OR Unseen Servant 1/d
Lesser: Create Food & Water 1/d OR Tiny Hut 1/d
Greater: Heroes' Feast 1/d OR Magnificent Mansion 1/d

Mark of Making - House Cannith
Race: Human
Tinkers Guild, Fabricators Guild
Least: Advantage: Artisan's Tools (and proficiency in one set); Mending 2/d
Lesser: Fabricate 1/d
Greater: Creation 1/d

Mark of Passage - House Orien
Race: Human
Couriers Guild, Transportation Guild
Least: Advantage: Survival; Jump 1/d OR Longstrider 1/d OR Misty Step 1/d
Lesser: Dimension Door 1/d OR Phantom Steed 1/d
Greater: Teleportation Circle 1/d OR Wind Walk 1/d

Mark of Scribing - House Sivis
Race: Gnome
Speakers Guild, Notaries Guild
Least: Advantage: Deception; Comprehend Languages 1/d OR Message 1/d
Lesser: Illusory Script 1/d OR Tongues 1/d OR Sending 1/d
Greater: Divine Word 1/d OR Telepathic Bond 1/d

Mark of Sentinel - House Deneith
Race: Human
Defenders Guild, Blademarks Guild
Least: Advantage: Insight; Mage Armor 1/d OR Shield of Faith 1/d OR Warding Bond 1/d
Lesser: Protection from Energy 1/d OR Stoneskin 1/d
Greater: Globe of Invulnerability 1/d OR Wall of Force 1/d

Mark of Shadow - House Phiarlann / Thuranni
Race: Elf
Ph: Entertainers and Artisans Guild; Th: Shadows Guild
Least: Advantage: Persuasion Darkness 1/d OR Disguise Self 1/d OR Minor Image 1/d
Lesser: Clairvoyance 1/d OR Scrying 1/d
Greater: Mislead 1/d OR Programmed Illusion 1/d

Mark of Storm - House Lyrandar
Race: Half-Elf
Raincallers Guild, Windwrights Guild
Least: Advantage: Acrobatics; Fog Cloud 1/d OR Gust of Wind 1/d
Lesser: Sleet Storm 1/d OR Wind Wall 1/d
Greater: Control Weather 1/d

Mark of Warding - House Kundarak
Race: Half-Elf
Banking Guild, Warding Guild
Least: Advantage: Investigation; Alarm 1/d OR Arcane Lock
Lesser: Glyph of Warding 1/d OR Nondetection 1/d OR Private Sanctum 1/d
Greater: Faithful Hound 1/d OR Guards and Wards 1/d

Feat: Siberys Mark

Very rarely, an unmarked member suddenly erupts with a Dragonmark covering almost their entire body. These Siberys Marks are more powerful than even the Greater Dragonmarks and are highly prized by the Houses. Only two or three Siberys Marks are active at any one time. Syberis Marked are quickly approached by their House - or competitors - to gain access to their power or to slit their throats if they prove willful, to try and get the Mark to manifest on someone more pliable. From underappreciated peon to overpowered trophy cousin, who wouldn't want one of these?

Prequisite: Human, Dwarf, Elf, Gnome, Halfling, Half-Elf or Half-Orc. Level 8+
Effect: gain the power of your House's Siberys Mark.

Mark of Detection (Half-Elf) - Foresight 1/d
Mark of Finding (Half-Orc or Human) - Discern Location 1/d (as the 3.5e spell)
Mark of Handling (Human) - Animal Shapes 1/d
Mark of Healing (Halfling) - Mass Heal 1/d
Mark of Hospitality (Halfling) - Antipathy / Sympathy 1/d
Mark of Making (Human) - Animate Objects (level 9 slot) 1/d
Mark of Passage (Human) - Teleport 1/d
Mark of Scribing (Gnome) - Symbol 1/d
Mark of Sentinel (Human) - Mind Blank 1/d
Mark of Shadow (Elf) - Project Image 1/d OR Etherealness 1/d
Mark of Storm (Half-Elf) - Storm of Vengeance 1/d
Mark of Warding (Dwarf) - Prismatic Wall 1/d

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Stuff found in a Lightning Rail compartment

Our rogue decided to dig around in a random first class cabin of a crashed lightning rail. The treasure below was [rolled] fair and square, then seasoned with details because inspiration struck.

Send in a reaction / e-mail for:

50 bonus XP if you can guess a short profile of the previous owner.
100 bonus XP if you can suggest interesting consequences of trying to sell the art objects!

[see bottom of post for responses]

Treasure hoard, level 0-4 (p137, DMG 5e)

[1d100] = 43
--> [2d4]=4 art objects (25gp each)
--> [1d6]=3 magic items, table A

Art objects, 25 gp each (p134, DMG 5e)

[1d10]=2 = carved bone statuette; pouncing displacer beast
[1d10]=1 = silver ewer; decorated with stars and moons
[1d10]=9 = embroidered silk handkerchief; initials Sd'T
[1d10]=3 = small gold bracelet; charms of a lute and dagger

Magic items table A (p144, DMG 5e)

[d100]=84 = wizard spell scroll (lvl1) - fog cloud
[d100]=15 = potion of healing
[d100]=68 = potion of climbing


Locked strongbox (1/2 litre volume)
- rustling sound (paper)
- something small and dense rolls around inside

Previous owners of your honest find

  1. Member of an archaeological society, who found the item in an abandoned village in the Demon Wastes and informed the society of his find.
  2. Property of a Warforged mage - the only thing (s)he/it held dear in life. Hopefully the mage is now wandering the mists of the Mournland instead of hunting down his stolen property.
  3. Commissioned by the world famous adventurer and explorer David Dunn. Heirloom from his father, equally legendary in stature.
  4. Previously owned by a dragon called Eugene. Total mystery as to how it got to where you found it.
  5. Assassin Harmless dragonmarked entertainer from House Thuranni. Sleep tight.
  6. Soul-vessel of the bound Rakshasa demon Teacher-of-Slaves, who is pleasantly surprised at having been stolen instead of buried forever by Silver Flame paladins.

Complications when selling an honest find

  1. A secret society the previous owner belonged to finds out about your selling their item. When they discover the owner is dead, they want you to take their place in their ranks.
  2. Previous owner will hunt down his property and try to take revenge on whoever stole it.
  3. Item turns out to be a highly valuable collectible, worth easily 3x listed price. Buyer will try to screw you over by offering 80% listed price.
  4. Item's previous owner known as supremely covetous, will want property back. Good luck finding a fence who will risk buying it.
  5. Item is a perfect focus for scrying spells. Previous owner capable and/or wealthy enough to get said spell cast. 
  6. Item will provide inspiration through odd dreams.  

Eberron s1e3 - House Orien lightning rail liability

The House Orien Lightning Rail is not liable when the dead grey mists of the Mournland abduct passengers and their train.

...hey, the Talenta Plains were getting a bit boring, right?

Also not insured for ensuing trips to Ravenloft-lite demiplanes filled with hungry two-headed wolves and demoralized survivors of earlier crash.

...survivors who were hiding the fact that one of their number murdered another to escape the place, and half the rest may still be walking, but have already been claimed by the mists.

...also touchy-feely tendrils of mist trying to zombify you by creeping into your wounds.

...not that you tried because you had rations, but eating the fungus from the cavern filled with, again, mist? Big no-no.

...we're sure you guys will get the mist out of your eyeballs real soon! In the meantime, enjoy these totally free of charge powers.

Passengers are notified that allowing the lightning elemental to escape the engine voids the warranty.

...repairing the engine by allowing the House Orien purser to become a lightning conductor does not restore warranty.

 ...neither does luring out the mist from engine by kiting it along with a freshly cut forearm.
...nor does sacrificing old hermits (even it was only the one guy!) to the mist to get it to spit you back out into the world.

...although awesome job piloting the engine through the mists and right into the main rail hub at Passage 🤘 (There's this Gnome insurance agent here to see you.)

Although circumstances were extreme, dismantling conductor stones to rig a maglev lift and get the engine cart back on the track is not use-as-intended.

...while House Orien applauds the creativity, it must frown on lashing together makeshift huts out of precious rail carts to protect from nightly wolf attacks.

On a tangent, management apologizes for all the other passengers dying in the crash and getting up as zombies. had to nick their stuff?

Roll call

  • Falco, Human wizard 1/cleric 1 out of Karrnath, former acolyte of the Church of Vol, looking to become a freelancer of the Finder's Guild. Ultimately in search of immortality.
  • Rathan, Stout Halfling ranger 2 out of the Talenta Plains, an outlander warrior searching far and wide for news about his disgraced, outcast family member (who at this point has neither name nor background). (Sadly retired because player had to drop out.)
  • Lhorsan, High Elf rogue 2; Elf out of the Eldeen Reaches with a haunted past with a life-sucking cursed item.

Dearly departed

  • Hedrak, human drop-out from Morgrave university; the party's original employer. Died in the session's second Lightning Rail crash.
  • Redeker, human member of House Orien, purser on the Lightning Rail out of Gatherhold. Died channeling the escaped lighting elemental back into the train's engine.

Friday, 14 July 2017

Actual megadungeon

Undermountain. Castle Greyhawk. Rappan Athuk. IKEA. What is this hobby's fascination with megadungeons? In any case, here's images of a real life megadungeon I found lurking in a bookmarks folder. Head ye to Turkey and dig (haha) Derinkuyu, Kaymakli or the other underground cities of Cappadocia. Just don't forget the garlic.

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Hirelings vol.2: the sorry lot of 'em

Hirelings. They smell. They bumble. They faint when they should fight and preach when you try to rest. Ready to become their employer? Finding a sellsword or two will be easy as long as you can spend some cash to get the word out.

We're hiring

The table below lists all the hirelings available in the local area. To track down your future hireling, go around the local watering holes, hang up posters, hire a town crier or even a bard to spread the news. Then check out the table below, find the right die for your PR campaign and charisma (who's a dump stat now?) and roll for your hireling.

 CHARISMA3-45-8 9-12 13-1718+
 10 gp1d11d41d6 1d101d12
 25 gp1d4 1d6 1d101d121d20
 50 gp 1d61d10  1d121d201d30
 100 gp1d10 1d12 1d201d30your pick
Hiring a bard means you get to use their swanky charisma instead of your own to roll a bigger die. Bigger dice get you further down the list, where the more skilled hirelings are. Then again, the lower numbers will get you that unique Skyrim Henchman feel.

Hiring a bard to hire your hirelings

Charisma 14: 10 gp.
Charisma 18: 40 gp. 

You mean you literally only want me for what you consider a dump stat?
Yes. Now sod off and find us someone who likes to get stabby.

Hireling table

 1Edrik the Stalwart
Porter 1
1 sp/day
Human, Karrnath
Complains when hungry, wet, sleepy, alive.

 2"Powder" Jenkins
Sage 1
4 sp/day
Gnome, Cyre
Alchemist. Druggie. Prepares his own.

 3Theo the Barrel
Porter 1
1 sp/day
Halfling, Aundair
Eats. Everything.
 4Blind Steggis
Torchbearer 1
2 sp/day
Halfling, Breland
Runs and hides when threatened
Torchbearer 1
2 sp/day
Kobold, Droaam
Obsessed with dragons
 6Smiling Bertolt
Crossbowman 1
3 sp/day
Human, Aundair
Actually a bard looking hard for recognition. In over his head.
 7Grey Ashdrak
Brute 1
3 sp/day
Hobgoblin, Darguun
Macho, alpha male. Noisy as fuck.
 8Mad Kolviss
Locksmith 1
3 sp/day
Gnome, Aundair
Advantage to find traps. Paranoid; takes ages to check EVERYTHING
 9Stitchy Holmes
Battlefield healer 1
3 sp/day
Human, Breland
Leaves sloppy scars
(Heal 4 hp/day)
 10Akkin One-Tusk
Halberdier 1
4 sp/day
Half-Orc, Thrane
Silver Flame zealot. Judgmental
 11Kaffiyah Darkmoon
Scout 1
5 sp/day
Elf, Valenar
Inferiority complex, hero worship
 12Breaker Ulf
Shieldbearer 1
5 sp/day
Dwarf, Eldeen Reaches
Flashbacks to tunnel fighting
 13Blackfang Gilla
Brute 2
6 sp/day
Lizardman, Q'barra
Stoic, fatalist. Pronounces others' doom at slightest misfortune. Anyone hurt gets left behind.
Battlefield healer 2
6 sp/day
Kalashtar, Aundair
Very touchy-feely. Path of Light preacher
(Heal 8 hp/day)
 15Dariel Longshot
Crossbowman 2
6 sp/day
Half-Elf, Thrane
Nationalist. Changeling on the run
Locksmith 2
6 sp/day
Warforged, Cyre
Finds death traps fascinating
 17Mikaela Forgehold
Shieldbearer 3
15 sp/day
Dwarf, Mror Holds
Follows the Host. Ever so slightly hunted by House Thuranni
 18Dargo the Hound
Scout 2
10 sp/day
Shifter, Karrnath
Wildhunt (wis). Blood of Vol follower. Moonlights (haha) as bounty hunter
Halberdier 2
8 sp/day
Hobgoblin, Breland
Vow of silence. Intent stare. Listens to whispering bottle.
 20Eyes-only Jaleel
Torchbearer 4
8 sp/day
Elf, Breland
Alert feat. In it for the adrenaline
 21Alvis the Penitent
Sage 4
16 sp/day
Half-Elf, Cyre
Religion/Arcana, Ritual caster [1]. Masochist; automutilation; Mockery monk
 22Zakra the Hammer
Brute 3
9 sp/day
Shifter, Eldeen Reaches
Beasthide (AC). Not a fan of subtlety; plans; Aundarians. Owns trained bloodhound
 23Hilda Swiftfingers
Locksmith 4
12 sp/day
Dwarf, Karrnath
Dungeon delver feat. Kundarak reject because of low birth
 24Lida the Kind
Battlefield healer 4
12 sp/day
Halfling, Talenta Plains
Magic initiate [2]. House Jorasco healer.
(Heal 16 hp/day)
 25Ovak Longstride
Halberdier 4
16 sp/day
Half-Orc, Shadow Marches
Noble savage type (50% chance Cultist of the Dragon Below)
Shieldbearer 4
20 sp/day
Warforged, Karrnath
Heavily armored feat. Bodyguard; Deneith Defender's Guild
 27Paelias the Knife
Crossbowman 4
12 sp/day
Half-Elf, Lhazaar Principalities
Crossbow expert feat. swashbuckler, follows the Traveler. Total hit with the ladies.
 28Philena Silverfire
Sorceror 3
15 sp/day
Human, Thrane
Draconic - fire. Pyro. Silver Flame. Demonhunter.
Ranger 3
15 sp/day
Gnoll, Drooam
Hunter archetype. Takes a bite out of everything he (she?) kills
30Dreyga Blackwing
Barbarian 3
15 sp/day
Human, Seren
Path of Rage. Totem quest. Frazetta armor. Black dragon wings tattooed on shoulder blades.

[1] Rituals known: Comprehend Languages, Identify
[2] Cantrips: Spare the Dying, Resistance. Spell: Healing Word

Saturday, 1 July 2017

Eberron s1e2 - let's flog this hobbo shite

Second session of our Eberron game. With way, way more stabbage, death, activating an artifact, more mayhem and death, avoiding upset dinosaurs, a run on udder salve, returning to civilisation and getting fleeced by Halfling healers, selling hobgobbo antiques, narrowly avoiding getting knifed to death in an alleyway, and scoring posh train tickets.


The players found ancient Dhakaani hobgoblin ruins and the resting place of legendary Dirgesinger Jhazaal. Over 9000 years ago, she fled in disgrace after losing a series of battles with unnatural hordes from the plane of Xoriat. Jhazaal lies buried with the mighty horn Ghaal'duur, which strikes fear in the hearts of enemies of the goblin race and fills goblins with mighty anger. After knocking out their two goblin porters (understandably pissed off that filthy non-goblins are looting Jhazaal's remains), the party takes a quick breather.

Roll call

  • Falco, Human wizard 1 out of Karrnath, former acolyte of the Church of Vol, looking to become a freelancer of the Finder's Guild. Ultimately: in search of immortality.
  • Rathan, (Stout) Halfling ranger 1 out of the Talenta Plains, an outlander warrior searching far and wide for news about his disgraced, outcast family member (who at this point has neither name nor background).
  • Merrick, halfling Lhorsan, High Elf rogue 1; the player decided he wanted something else than the halfling he rolled up, so reskinned his character into this Elf with a haunted past. Free life-sucking cursed item for me to screw with, yay! We decide Lhorsan has always been with the party. Apparently he's a master of disguising himself as a halfling.

Session report

Mild carousing occured at the end of the session, but the group has been remarkably tight-lipped about their adventure. Here's what is known.
Stuff that's fun to write down even though the group didn't spread the story in their carousing is indented like this.

Ventured out from Gatherhold a week ago, in the employ of the disgraced scholar Hedrak. Returned with a diseased Hedrak and checked him in at the healing hands-enclave of House Jorasco. Sold antique Dhakaani weapons out of rare and exotic Byeshk metal for ~2500 gp total. Hit level 2 at the end of the session with some carousing.

In a small village of Dhakaani cave dwellings, had a hard fight with creatures from the dark under the world. Two Dolgrims and a Dolgaunt almost take the party down, but liberal applications of necromancy and Byeshk hammers turn the tide.

Employer Hedrak freaks out during the whole affair: don't hurt these specimens too much, they'll fetch a better price if you can mount them without visible wounds! ...Are you using those antique weapons to bash in their brains?? Put down that priceless relic! Mercifully, the Dolgaunt decides to bore into him with a thousand tiny tendrils, which shuts up the archeologist nicely. And gives him a beautiful infection for the party to deal with later.

Group barricades a room to take a long rest and recuperate. Lhorsan's armband prevents him from regaining hit points. Instead, he plays a bit of a tune on the ARTIFACT OF DOOM TO GOBLIN FOES. Will saves are made and failed, and the party races away from the sound of their impending death. Lhorsan is less affected. Looking around, he sees that Vrotmort, one of their goblin prisoners has managed to break his bonds. Bit of an adrenaline surge to hear the old battlesong, really. A well-placed illusion buys Lhorsan the time to rejoin the party. Soon, the sense of doom subsides. Having left all his equipment behind, Falco heads back for his spellbook and takes out the enraged goblin with sweet necromantic power. Lootage continues.

After all this, avoiding a belligerent Glidewing is just one more thing on the to-do list. The party decides not to push their luck and leaves the heap of shiny underneath the nearby Glidewing nest be for the moment.

Halfling chief Iliera rides up to the hammered, broken and bleeding group a couple of miles from the cave dwellings and is genuinely puzzled why anyone would want to enter into the haunted caves. She gives the group a pot of udder salve (good for little scrapes and bruises) which the party promptly slathers all over each other.

Party pays Jorasco Halflings to use actual remove disease magic on Hedrik after basic care does bupkis. Grateful Hedrak offers to share the findings of the expedition as if the three were actual full members instead of henchmen. Henchmen make it clear that this is already the de facto situation, but don't make too much of a point out of it.

Sold two antique Dhakaani weapons made out of aberration-killing Byeshk. Sale one to Black Axe Outfitters by Lhorsan went ok; sale two by Falco to a band of Hobgoblins was about to go south until a friendly Half-Orc named Artosh stepped in.

Half-Orc introduces himself as Artosh, expedition master for Tymen Rand. Rand is an extremely wealthy adventurer and a member of the Wayfinder Foundation. Talking to Falco, Artosh offers to get the party into the annual Wayfinder Auction so they can sell any other finds from their adventure at a decent price and get famous. A deal is struck; the PCs and Hedrak will board the lightning rail to Fairhaven to attend the Auction, sponsored by Tymen Rand Expeditions.

Item: Exalted Servant Band

"Hey man, can I change my character? And I'd like to have a cursed item which eats my health." Sure thing!

One of my players wanted to switch out his character (apparently unsatisfied that his halfling had survived the session) and wrote up a nice back story - I'll paraphrase:

Mysterious organization kidnaps orphans to a woodland refuge during the Last War. Experiments on them with weird elixers and hurtful magic items. At the end of the war, a circle of nearby Druids break up the nefarious scheme. Any surviving orphans get a potion recipe to help fight off lingering effects from the research.
The character now wears a non-removable metal band with 3 dragonshard crystals around his bicep. Every long rest, roll 1d6:

1d6 Level 1-3 Level 4-6 Level 7+
1 One level of exhaustion One level of exhaustion 2d3 hit dice spent
2 1 hit die spent One level of exhaustion 2d3 hit dice spent
3 1 hit die spent 2 hit dice spent 2x level damage
4 1x level damage 2 hit dice spent 2x level damage
5 1x level damage 1x level damage 1 year of your life
6 2x level damage 2x level damage 1d3 years of your life

Here's your stinky cavern

Suddenly there's a game on for Friday. I should be prepping the town the party will probably head for. Instead, I now have a procedural cave system. Ah, the sweet fruit of procrastination. (Why write this up? Because the players ran to the edge of my prep last session when they asked what was down a twisty tunnel into the underground.)

The physicist in me wants to look into graph theory to see if this branches enough to be interesting. Simulationist tendencies scream for ways to reconnect branches, add rivers, faults, old mines and so on. (Basically I'm in jealous awe of Veins.) My few programming neurons wonder if I could automate this easily. And my inner DM is seething that it needs more dakka traps.  In any case, this cave system is out of my head now. Finally, time to fill a town with messed up Halflings.

Exploring cave system near Gatherhold

Tunnel sneaks down in turns and inclines; branches and connects to caves, underground river and chasms.

Roll 1d10 & 1d4, every stretch of corridor is 1d3 x 50 yards:

1-2 slope down; 3 slope up; 1-3 left, 4 right
7 chamber, 1-2 other exits; encounter 
4 level stretch; 1-2 arcs left, 3 right, 4 ahead8 hard climb to 1d2 exits 20 ft up/down
5 split into two; 1-2 up, 3-4 down9 ends in flowing stream to other area
6 steep incline; 1-3 down; 4 up; climb 15 (10 w/equipment) or fall 1d6 damage10 1 dead end; 2-3 perception 15 finds tight squeeze; 4 hidden doorway

Every 3 rolls on the table above, roll for encounters. Each time you roll 7 or 8, pick a new creature from the list. Entries 7 start unfriendly, entries 8 start neutral. Skill checks are athletics / acrobatics to avoid hilarious flailing, falling, noise, random encounter checks, and ending up as nom for the local eldritch aberrations.

1 slippery (wet or pebbles) - Dex 10 or fall, 1d3 nonlethal; Dex 15 & 1d6 lethal on incline
5 fast flowing stream; athl 15 to cross safely; 10+ slip 1d3nonlethal, soaked <10 swept away to other room; 2d6dmg
2 low ceiling - medium sized creatures roll acrobatics 15 to progress. <11: stuck, same roll or 1d3 dmg to tear free
6 pool of water; 1-3 clear, 3: small animals 4-5 bones, violet fungus 6 clear, odd taste - bowel cramps con 13 - 1d4 dmg, poisoned 1 hour
3 narrow ledge alongside pit; acrob 13
7 as 1-6, Darkmantle/Dolgrim/Dolgaunt
4 chasm, 10xd10ft deep & 1d3x5 feet wide; jump or climb to cross.
8 as 1-6, Colony Spider/Nothic/Myconid/Xorn