Monday, 24 July 2017

Eberron s1e3 - House Orien lightning rail liability

The House Orien Lightning Rail is not liable when the dead grey mists of the Mournland abduct passengers and their train.

...hey, the Talenta Plains were getting a bit boring, right?

Also not insured for ensuing trips to Ravenloft-lite demiplanes filled with hungry two-headed wolves and demoralized survivors of earlier crash.

...survivors who were hiding the fact that one of their number murdered another to escape the place, and half the rest may still be walking, but have already been claimed by the mists.

...also touchy-feely tendrils of mist trying to zombify you by creeping into your wounds.

...not that you tried because you had rations, but eating the fungus from the cavern filled with, again, mist? Big no-no.

...we're sure you guys will get the mist out of your eyeballs real soon! In the meantime, enjoy these totally free of charge powers.

Passengers are notified that allowing the lightning elemental to escape the engine voids the warranty.

...repairing the engine by allowing the House Orien purser to become a lightning conductor does not restore warranty.

 ...neither does luring out the mist from engine by kiting it along with a freshly cut forearm.
...nor does sacrificing old hermits (even it was only the one guy!) to the mist to get it to spit you back out into the world.

...although awesome job piloting the engine through the mists and right into the main rail hub at Passage 🤘 (There's this Gnome insurance agent here to see you.)

Although circumstances were extreme, dismantling conductor stones to rig a maglev lift and get the engine cart back on the track is not use-as-intended.

...while House Orien applauds the creativity, it must frown on lashing together makeshift huts out of precious rail carts to protect from nightly wolf attacks.

On a tangent, management apologizes for all the other passengers dying in the crash and getting up as zombies. had to nick their stuff?

Roll call

  • Falco, Human wizard 1/cleric 1 out of Karrnath, former acolyte of the Church of Vol, looking to become a freelancer of the Finder's Guild. Ultimately in search of immortality.
  • Rathan, Stout Halfling ranger 2 out of the Talenta Plains, an outlander warrior searching far and wide for news about his disgraced, outcast family member (who at this point has neither name nor background). (Sadly retired because player had to drop out.)
  • Lhorsan, High Elf rogue 2; Elf out of the Eldeen Reaches with a haunted past with a life-sucking cursed item.

Dearly departed

  • Hedrak, human drop-out from Morgrave university; the party's original employer. Died in the session's second Lightning Rail crash.
  • Redeker, human member of House Orien, purser on the Lightning Rail out of Gatherhold. Died channeling the escaped lighting elemental back into the train's engine.

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