Wednesday 21 June 2023

Exeunt - shuttering this blog (...for now?)

I just realized I haven't posted here in years and don't really have plans to start again. My writing itch is being scratched but good since I started new jobs as a science writer, and my group has gotten into the habit of quick summaries and highlights via Whatsapp instead of via this blog. 

What more to say? The pathfinder/ravenloft campaignlet in my last post went off nicely, with players ending up in a faux-Egypt domain and navigating the love trangle between the long-dead pharaoh, his now-undead wife and the desert nymph who caused all the trouble in the first place. 

Since then I've played in a 5e campaign instead of DMing for a change (horrid experience; I need to DM!) and started up a Vampire:the Dark Ages campaign. Which is shaping up nicely, but I had to write the whole plot from scratch. BY THE GODS did White Wolf pay their writers by the word, and did they ever not have helping a DM run an actual game in mind.


I'm planning to run this Vampire campaign for about a year of real-time, mixing in social mechanics (letters, rumors, reputation) from Polite Society with basic Vampire rules. Inspiration by A Court of Fey and Flowers - watch it, it's good.

After that, who knows? There's a hex / dungeon crawler in OSE brewing in the back of my mind, but also a Delta Green campaign of loosely connected oneshots, a Star Wars astro crawl to put together with my wife...inspiration is a good thing. Whether any of that ends up here on the blog, who knows? For now though, it's goodbye.

Thanks for reading!