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Wizards: The Ancient and Orthodox Order of the Unbroken Circle

Belswick has four orders of wizardry with a charter from the Crown and sanction from the Church. Two more magical traditions operate on the fringe of society. (All posts in this series.) If you're playing a wizard in Belswick, odds are you'll be part of the:


("the Unbroken Circle, the Circle")

The  Ancient and Orthodox Order of the Unbroken Circle has taken a very conservative approach to magecraft since its founding 439 years ago. The order started out as a monastic tradition in the Church of the Authority that trained its monks to preserve limited arcane knowledge. Later expanded into a formal school open to the Third Estate.

A degree from the Unbroken Circle is a byword for deep learning, piety and a holier-and-wiser-than-thou attitude. Students face myriad academic traditions and study history, religion and one other academic field before they are allowed to learn magic. College life is like being in a strict monastery; at no time does the Order let its students forget that their magic is a danger to the soul if not wielded with piety.

Formal arcane theory teaches that while high arcana exist, these 7th to 9th level spells are fundamentally unstable, and not to be used or even known. There are reasons for this. The Archdean of the Order is traditionally an Archbishop. Colleges of the Order are found in or near monasteries and close to large population centres.

Relations and views

Saving noobs from harm, all the fricking time. From
Typical gear
Only after graduation are these wizards allowed to wear the resplendent silver and blue robes of the Unbroken Circle. Their headdress always includes a silvery circle. Their arcane implement is a wand or staff.

Benefits: specialties and spell access
  • Unbroken Circle wizards can get training as specialists in Abjuration.
  • Students receive proficiency in one of Arcana or Religion if they do not already have that skill.
  • A member in good standing (and not behind on their payments) receives one spell for their spellbook for every level they gain. The library of the Unbroken Circle contains spells from all schools except Necromancy. Spells of Illusion, Enchantment and Conjuration (available levels: 1-4) are kept in the Proscribed Collection and can only be accessed with the express permission of a professor. Spells from remaining schools are available from levels 1-6.

Favors for the Circle
The Circle can teach wizards how to cast Cantrip spells without expending magical energy, and can provide training as an Abjuration or Transmutation specialist. In return, the Circle requires a service from you.
  • get initial training as a specialty wizard at level 2: roll 1d6
  • perform the rite to cast Cantrips without spending spell slots: roll 2d6
  • learn specialty school features at (level 6,10,14): roll 3d6

  1. Spend 1d3 weeks as a teaching assistant in an introductory class
  2. Collect the spellbook of a deceased Circle member
  3. Provide spellcasting support to the Circle: spend 5*your available spell slots over 1 week time
  4. Donate an alchemical or magic item to the Circle, value 50 gp * your level
  5. Donate 2x your monthly debt payment; once to the Circle and once to the Church
  6. There are rumors of a Violet Cloud enchanter in the area. Find out who they're enthralling.
  7. Act as a bodyguard for someone threatened by a warlock
  8. Bring an interesting variation on a level d3+1 spell for the Librarian
  9. Catch a [magical beast] and bring it back alive to the Circle for study
  10. Lift a druid's curse from the forest shrine and its minor relic
  11. Get the location of a heretical tomb from a wandering minstrel and bring it to the Gustavinians
  12. Help an assistant lecturer gain a personal effect or toe nail clipping from a rival
  13. Help drive out a demon from a noble's house
  14. Find a suspected warlock or necromancer in the next town over
  15. Provide support in the hunt for a vampire spawn or ghoul
  16. Investigate a Violet Cloud assassination
  17. Donate a rare magic item to the Circle
  18. Rumor of an unstable individual experimenting with 7th level spell - find out and sabotage

Magical beasts (d20):
  1. Basilisk
  2. Bulette
  3. Chimera
  4. Cockatrice
  5. Ettercap
  6. Gorgon
  7. Griffon
  8. Harpy
  9. Hippogriff
  10. Hydra
  11. Manticore
  12. Owlbear
  13. Pegasus
  14. Pixie
  15. Rust Monster
  16. Shambling Mound
  17. Sprite
  18. Treant
  19. Unicorn
  20. Wyvern

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