Tuesday, 29 January 2019

Paper minis and a home made gelatinous cube

Like the title says. Just discovered Printable Heroes, who offers super easy paper minis of critters and heroes for your game. Cut out roughly, prefold, glue, finish cutting, mount on tiny base. Consider gluing a penny under it for stability. Comes in everything from random Dwarfs to a rat swarm, dragons and a three piece Purple Worm. Awesome.

Open question: use the black border version or not?

Loving the purple worm.

Also, was inspired to build my own gelatinous cube to scale: cut plastic into a square cross, fold into cube, use a metal pin heated in a fire to melt edges together, slather with coating of silicone sealant. Use same sealant to glue a mini skull in the corner. Unleash on hapless fool PCs.

Step 1: introduce Dwarf to Gelatinous Cube.


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