Saturday, 2 March 2019

Hauling - a custom inventory and houserule sheet

Thinking up house rules is one thing, making sure they get used in play is another. I thought it'd be useful to make a player handout...which then morphed into a tracker for inventory, encumbrance and drug addictions.


This is for a 5e basis (whence light, encumbrance & exhaustion) with the following add-ons:

  • inventory: strength score = number of items you can carry without suffering encumbrance. 5 small items per slot, if you can fit it on the line. Item retrieval as per 5e (no quick-slots). My first draft here, source: Goblin Punch
  • resting and healing: need to use rations to heal and recover limited use powers. My version here, based again on Goblin Punch
  • addiction: possibly the most fun little sub-system I know, straight from Ten Foot Polemic
  • property: not a house rule, but a hit at what greasing the right wheels can do for you

Got the idea to use silhouettes (and a couple of the images) at Telecanter's

Download the pdf version here

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