Friday, 7 December 2018

Names for your baronies

So you went mad and generated a duchy full of baronies and fiefdoms and whatnot, and now your players ask you: "what's this place called then?"

Fret not. Scraped lovingly from Wikipedia, I present you a list of real-life European barony and countyship names. I did some editing to remove overly famous names ("Norfolk"), geography ("sur Seine") or references ("St George"). Then ran it all through Meandering Banter's automatic list generator to get the following.

(If you want the complete list, find it here.)

289 English Baronies:

50 Welsh Marsher Lordships:

280 Scottish Baronies:

1108 French Baronies (1108 after editing):

195 Italian Baronies:

276 Portuguese Baronies:

33 Germanic Baronies:

28 Baronies of the Low Countries:

98 Scandinavian Baronies:

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