Sunday, 2 December 2018

Arts and crafts tower of cliched traps

The weather was cold, the laundry was done, our box of West Wing episodes was finished. And so, we were in need of entertainment.

"Want to do go artsy-craftsy with this can of pringles?"
'Let's turn it into an open air dungeon.'

...and so began an afternoon with cardboard, exacto knife, wrapping paper, glue and many toothpicks. I give you the Inverted Tower of Doom.

Elves murdered and preserved this beautiful tree in its prime, built their appartments on the outside to show off and encased the whole thing in a glass dome. Elves long gone, the tower is now overrun by hordes of whatever the fuck we had lying around the gaming room / library. I'm thinking forest goblins. Currently being invaded by an adventuring party who are having trouble with the death traps and summoned beasties.

Finished product. Don't expect this to become an off the shelf item, there are about 10 work hours between my wife and me in here. And it still needs going over with a pen to add detail to the trunk and platforms.

Design phase. Lots of recalculating and "wait, where does that end up?"

Measure out intervals using graph paper, chop into pringles can. One slot per platform.

Making platforms...

And spikes for the pit trap (would later get snipped into sharper shape with scissors)

Dear lord, it actually fits. Awesome. Thirteen more to go.

Not pictured: covering cylinder with brown paper, finding slots again by putting flashlight inside cylinder. Good fun.

Lots going in here. Bob the cast metal soldier fell into the pit trap, Joe the archer is about to jump over, smack into a big hammer. Or get squashed by the rolling boulder of doom (a d100 I've had for decades).

"Whaddaya mean, "click"?"

Special door prize if you make it up onto the last platform via rickety ladder.

But first: spear trap in the wall, half broken platform beyond.

If you ever got past the first set of stairs with the black crocodile waiting around the corner.

I just love this hammer.

Lower passage under the pit trap didn't really work out. We stuck a demon croc in there and called it a night.

Of course after the Croc of Night you're treated to this beaut of a swinging blade trap.

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