Wednesday, 14 October 2020

Selling Dwarven Forge terrain: large tower

<shameless plug> If you've read some of my session logs, you'll have seen photos of cool 3D Dwarven Forge terrain. I'm selling off a bunch of those kits to make space in the hobby room. You save shipping costs If you're interested, drop me a line in the comments or to oorlof at gmail.


In almost new condition. Factory-painted packs, easy to touch up if the mood takes you. I ship internationally from the Netherlands and combine shipping. Payment via paypal. 

Price as below + shipping; we can definitely discuss a discount if you buy multiple packs. I figure about €10-30 for shipping costs within Europe, €30-70 to the US - can give more detail if you know your order and location.

  • 1x Watchtower set (+ additional set of crenellations), $320* 
  • 1x Alternate floors, $38 1x Big buttresses, $40* 
  • 1x Castle stairs pack, $62 
  • 1x Cube spacer pack, $48 
  • 1x Large ruined tower, $30 
  • 1x Large tower balcony & bridge base, $35 
  • 1x Large tower - palace, $90 
  • 1x Stone Bridge pack, $24

* lower price because some of the accessories went missing during a move: 

  • Big Buttresses: 4x Gargoyles
  • Large Watchtower: 2x Battlement Blade, 1x Arbalest, 1x Wooden Pole Stand, grappling hook


Alternate floors; for half-open towers you can look into from the side.

Big Buttresses

Cube spacers (2 inch blocks) with one magnetic side - useful to quickly build up height.

Large Balcony and Bridge Base; turns a tower wall into a balcony or into the connection point for a bridge

Large Tower - Palace pack: 2 full floors with large open windows and stairs

Large Tower - Palace pack put together

Castle Stairs, including square and rounded wall blocks

Large Ruined Tower - use these wall pieces (and rubble) to break a tidy tower apart after an earth elemental hits it, or place in a forest to show a tower once stood here. Pieces connect to each other magnetically.

Large Ruined Tower, put together (they fit perfectly into a round tower wall; I've left gaps here to show the individual pieces.)

Stone Bridge Pack. Works standalone to cross a river, or as a connector between side-by-side towers with balcony/bridge connectors.

Large Tower Accessories: siege gear, flags, stairs (more in the other pic) and a LED glowing arcane artifact as a quest objective.

Large Watchtower, assembled. Comes with two sets of Battlements, so you can make two towers for the price of one (add the Palace Pack to make them extra high and connect them through the Balconies & Stone Bridge!)


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