Wednesday, 18 September 2019

Pirate wavecrawl map handout: Isle of Dread

Still prepping pirate campaign stuff, still got no players lined up for it but having a lot of fun illustratoring this material. This post: a quick handout map of the Isle of Dread region as laid out by Skerples. Upcoming: a new of my own making, the Maelstrom Islands! First, though, what's that on the horizon?

Right before posting:

Wow. If you want a really, really well done period piece type of map of the Isle of Dread, just go here.

Want to see how Mockman's group did exploring the original module? Clicky.


Check out the previous posts with maps of the Merabaha ("Caribbean"), Chult (jungle with desparate Old World colonies) and Ape Archipelago (failed colonies with weird, weird animal noises from the jungle. Also monkeys with guns.)

Get all my images via Google Drive; available under CC by-nc-sa/4.0 (use, attribute, don't monetize w/o permission).


Jungle; gold; monstrous beasts; the secret of returning the dead to life. If that's not reason enough to scour the ocean for this island and win eternal glory, I don't know what your pirates are doing.

This map is in the same style as the previous ones, with fewer notes by previous explorers because I think this place should be more than half myth - actually finding it and finding a reliable route there will be a huge achievement.

With all sites and explorer's notes.

No notes
Nothing on here, just the name. Notes, sites, reefs, shallows and even distances removed. Probably the version my players will get off a wild-eyed hurricane survivor.

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