Thursday, 26 October 2017

d12 victims of petrification

Totally not in preparation for the upcoming session, here is a couple of tables on petrified people and critters. Happy stonemasonry!

Basilisk. Cockatrice?
Found here.

Petrification victims. This is a: (d12)

  1. Potter, took a wrong turn
  2. bard looking for original stories
  3. surprised hunter
  4. army deserter
  5. wizard who lost a duel by a split second. Is in mid-casting of horrible eldritch doom.
  6. questing knight unburdened by common sense
  7. spy/cultist/assassin/brigand (reroll with 1d6 to determine cover)
  8. prisoner smuggled out of Dreadhold
  9. gargoyle (unpetrified, playing along)
  10. animal - (d20): ape, bear, boar, cat, deer, dog, eagle, giant crab, giant toad, goat, horse, lizard, monkey, mule, owl, rat, raven, snake, weasel, wolf
  11. monster - (d10): basilisk (near reflective surface) carrion crawler, displacer beast, fire beetle, gibbering mouther, owlbear, phase spider, rust monster, unicorn, young dragon
  12. humanoid - (d10): angel (with covered face), ghoul, gith, harpy, imp, nothic, pixie, satyr, wereboar, yuan-ti

Turned to stone and still filled with love. (Don't blink.)
Weeping Angel (Dr. Who) - found here.

Petrified (d6):

  1. 1d4 weeks ago
  2. 1 year ago
  3. 10 years ago
  4. 50 years ago
  5. 100 years ago
  6. 2d6 x 100 years ago

Gnome village caught by wandering basilisk.
Found here.

How you find them (d10):

  1. in pristine shape
  2. encased in rapid-growing tree. 25% inhabited by love-smitten Dryad.
  3. wedged in a hole
  4. covered in mud or moss#
  5. at the bottom of a pond, stream or waterfall
  6. weathered by the elements, features softened
  7. graffitied with blood, paint or mud#
  8. used as scratching post - claw marks; 2hp/hit die*
  9. covered in carvings or claw marks; 4hp/hit die*
  10. bashed up - extremities missing*
* will need immediate medical attention
# will need immediate bath

Weathered by the elements. Also petrified.
Nope, not playing possum at all.
Weeping Angel (Dr. Who) - found here.

How to unpetrify your statue (d10):

  1. use poultice made from basilisk tongue#
  2. cover in cockatrice egg yolk#
  3. perfume with gorgon musk gland extract#
  4. rub with medusa skin#
  5. inject with troll blood#
  6. have victim mindmeld with a mimic in perfect darkness%,#
  7. have gargoyle sit on victim until it hatches like an egg#
  8. soften for 3d4 days in gelatinous cube*,#
  9. simultaneously encase in fire, wind and water*,#
  10. pay extravagant amount of money to have a wizard do it - you boring sod.
* Caution: transition from stone to flesh is sudden and without warning. Do not overexpose.
# May cause side effects. 
% Will share memories and shapeshifting abilities during the meld. Original person will walk out. No-one knows whether the mass of tortured stone left behind is the mimic stuck in a new shape, or - but let's not dwell on that. 
This is what they look like if you cut
them open, YOU MONSTER.
Petrified forest - found here.

First reaction will be... (d4):

  1. scream and attack
  2. scream and flee
  3. stand in confusion - screaming optional
  4. scream, puke, convulse, or be otherwise of no use*
* while screaming through clenched teeth


Long-term side effects of having being petrified (d6):

(In addition to missing extremities, permanent scars etc., see above.)
  1. mind slowed but active while petrified. Sensory deprivation. Will save dc 10 + number of months or gain insanity (fear of enclosed places/darkness/restraints/sudden movement/things behind you/rocks and elementals)
  2. all hair on body permanently removed
  3. skin, hair, eye color permanently drained
  4. skin cracked like a piece of glass
  5. came back wrong - hard time to distinguish names, faces, genders, races. Good eye for different types of stone though.
  6. sit still for too long and your joints start to repetrify. 1 hour: joints pop. 1-3 hours: 1d4 damage to start moving again. 8+hours: disadvantage on rolls until you've had a nice run to loosen up. Days: strength check vs 10+days restrained to start moving again. After three failures you've turned to stone again.

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