Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Another Silly Experiment

Ooh, a bandwagon to jump on! +Jeff Rients  googled basic descriptions of basic classes in the BX version of D&D and came up with this. So I ran my players through google, to find:

Elf Rogue

Ok, I guess. I don't see the Elf part and this could just as likely be a ranger. (Perhaps he's *winkwink* in disguise.)

Human necromancer cleric wizard

After four search terms, I get something generic like this. Looks far too handsome and healthy if you ask me - this particular character keels over in a stiff breeze. Lucky him, his soul has a safety net.

Henchdwarf: female dwarf cleric

Left image I got via google, right image via pinterest. She's a follower of the Devourer. The paladin look with the gold is probably much-needed camouflage. I imagine righty is Sara's look when she's not afraid of witnesses.

Incidentally, the search for "Dwarf cleric devourer" went in a completely different direction. And I now have all the prep I need for next session.

Henchman: Igor human fighter

The manservant of our necromancer above. Has all the strength, constitution and charisma that his master is so sorely lacking.

In summary

The henchpersons look way cooler than their employers. But that's no surprise.

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