Monday, 24 June 2019

One page cheat sheet for the Goblinplagued Barracks

Back in April, Velexiraptor over at A Blasted, Cratered Land created the Goblinplagued Barracks - a badass adventure site where the local guards are grappling with a nasty disease. I thought it'd be handy to condense the site into a one page cheat sheet for my home game, and Velexiraptor thought the result was cool enough to post - check out the Goblinplagued cheat sheet, statted up for a basic D&D 5e.


Adventure site by A Blasted Cratered Land, map "The Demon-Faced Tower" by Dyson Logos. Cruddy layout in Illustrator by undersigned - I need to get over my dislike for Indesign some day.

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