Thursday, 28 June 2018

Bad People that Woody the warforged wizard may or may not have sold his soul to

Still working on last weekend's session log. At the close of the session, the party wizard (warforged race from Eberron, sentient golem-like) was wiped out by a Rakshasa shapeshifter demon. After some private messages, the golem is showing signs of life.

He lives! Who or what do we have to thank for that? (d10)

  1. Archwizard Radamenus the three eyed giant, currently stranded as a ghost after her clone body was petrified before she could wake up in it
  2. Jinmenju the dirty old sentient tree, luring little meat bags to his maw with drugged fruit and now digging his roots into the half-wooden warforged
  3. Dead-but-dreaming Aboleth from the 1000 Ghost Falls
  4. Vulkoor the Scorpion, ticked off that his Drow minions cannot retrieve his swanky poison stinger artifact and taking a more personal approach
  5. Deep Master below the city, running scams via shapeshifted minions on both the Giants and the Drow in search of Vulkoor's Stinger / the Fang of the Sky Serpent
  6. Demon of the Throne of Betrayal, that Woody immediately sat down on during last session
  7. Shapeshifting asshole gnome/drow/whatever who crashed the players' airship in session 1
  8. Sorceror King on a visit from Dark Sun (warning: TV Tropes link)
  9. Quori invader from the big war 40k years ago, buried all that time in a mindcrystal. Warforged are based on the tele-operated golems that the Quori designed back then, so it only makes sense that the new line is still vulnerable to takeover
  10. Remnants of demigod produced in the Giant godforges as a custom source of divine power, mad with lack of prayer

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