Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Map: zigguramid

I've got pyramids and ziggurats on the brain - hence, doodling. Here's a take on a mesoamerican-ish structure I hope to use in my ongoing Jungle Trek game.

This place

I imagine this place to be the ancestral home of a priest-ruler, with underground cells (or a lab?), a burial gallery (or vault?) and a sacrificial room with an bottomless pit. Now a ruin, the site has seen a couple of different inhabitants. The caverns or excavations on the right hand side were perhaps made by monsters or barbarian invaders.

A: One story gatehouse on the grand staircase, with many arrowslits (could bear improving, better version in B) and stairs to the underground structure.
B: Elevated palazzo, throne room, bell tower. Arrowslits came out better here.
C: Caves (or digging) breaking into the main structure. Lower cave opens up on the bottomless pit. Probably whatever made them was either from the surface and looking for buried treasure, or from below.
D: Your basic underground lab / prison / vault / sacrifice site.

Some self-commentary

Style clearly stolen (badly) from Dyson. I'm learning to plan out spaces before I put pencil to paper, but am still sketching at too small a scale, I think. Working at a larger scale I could've planned and straigthened out the stairs better, included furnishing in the rooms, etc. Playing around a bit with how to indicate features and terrain. In C, tried to work in inner walls in a big open space, not quite happy with how it turned out (too thin, lacks mass). In area D, I tried first (lower right cave) to copy Dyson's water icon, then settled for ripples in the lowe left cave. Left one looks better to my eye.

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