Friday, 16 February 2018

My pet mutation charts

Stolen from everyone and their dog. Apologies and thanks! Special cases can be made for when a players wants to add a template to their PC, change their race etc. Will probably throw in a couple of minor mutations on top of that if it ever happens, just to mess things up.

1d20 Minor mutations

  1. Glowing eyes (random color).  Sheds light as candle. 
  2. Wings. d4: bat / bird / flying squirrel / insect. Can glide (descent = horizontal distance) & feather fall safely.
  3. Scales. d6: fine, iridescent / dull, grey / shiny black / bone white / emerald green / red
  4. Feathers. d4: shiny black / mottled brown+green / fluffy white / purple+blue
  5. Cluster of little tentacles on part of your body, moving on their own. d4: belly / chin / hair / hands.
  6. Vertical mouth and eyes.  Asynchronous blinks, too.
  7. Eat food by piercing it with your tongue-spike and draining the fluids. d4+1 damage in grapples.
  8. Once per month you spin a cocoon and sleep in it for 3 days.  You come out looking beautiful, but by the end of the month you're starting to look pretty haggard again.
  9. 1d8 eyes open on random parts of the body
  10. 1d4 additional mouths or leach-like suckers open on random parts of the body
  11. Eyes become unblinking and bulging
  12. Emits a pungent smell when speaking, sweating, or breathing
  13. Hair on head becomes a mass of waving cilia: can feel air currents to detect movement in 5feet
  14. Finger nails and hair grow incredibly fast and must be trimmed at least once per day
  15. Skin becomes cold and clammy, with a thin film: +2 bonus to escape bonds and grapples
  16. Grow 2d2 extra fingers (fingers / thumbs): +1 bonus to gripping things
  17. All semblance of being male or female disappears
  18. Hugely obese. +1 hit point per level, -5 to speed.
  19. Hypermobile: joints bend both ways. +1 to Dexterity, -1 to Strength
  20. Covered in fur.  d4: powerful beard / soft downy fur / spiky punk fur / yeti. Resist 2 points of cold.

1d20 Major mutations

  1. Gain resistance 5 to one type of damage: d6 - piercing / bludgeoning / fire / cold / acid / lightning
  2. Feel no pain. Can keep on fighting until -10 hp, but do not notice wounds.
  3. Nails harden into sharp claws, 1d4+1 damage but -2 penalty to Dex rolls involving your hands
  4. Forked tongue; heightened sense of smell/taste. Detect presence of organics within 20 feet.
  5. Gills - can breathe underwater
  6. Photosynthesis - can go without food for a week, need 1 hour/day of full body exposure to sun.
  7. Character can digest just about anything he fits in his mouth. +2 bonus to resist poisons.
  8. Hyperdrenaline: 2 actions and 2x speed for 1d4 rounds, then disadvantage to all d20 rolls (roll twice, take the worst result) until 8hr rest
  9. Hidden pouch in belly size of two fists, can hide small items in there.
  10. Brute arm, 1d6+1 damage.  d4: crab claw / gorilla arm / bone antler-thing / preying mantis-claw.
  11. Camouflage: skin slowly changes colour depending on environment. +2 bonus to stealth rolls.
  12. Blood becomes acidic - 1 damage/hp of blood to metal and stone. Will damage your own gear.
  13. Immune to diseases, but can still transfer them to others
  14. Grow an extra, smaller arm under one of your armpits. Can carry only light items.
  15. Armored scales provide base AC of 12 instead of 10 when unarmored.
  16. Powerful legs: character can long jump up to his Strength score in meters, half that in height.
  17. While unarmored and carrying up to 1/2 your capacity, can walk walls and ceilings like a spider at half your speed, need at least 3 limbs in contact.
  18. Body becomes semi-gelatinous, can fit through openings the size of your head
  19. Hands and feet become webbed: swim at your normal speed
  20. Long limbs and neck.  2' taller, but sort of giraffe-like. +5 speed

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