Thursday, 18 January 2018

Map and rumors for the jungle

Crashed airship, hideous flesh eating jungle, etc. Here's a nice and vague set of directions for my players. I'll probably end up making a table with encounters by terrain. Some of the sites mentioned below are pointed out on the map, others they'll just have to find by hunting for rumors.

Anyway, a young and overly dramatic Drow babbles on while he scratches in the dirt:

Resolution is crap but so is the quality of the map they
actually have, so it evens out. Base image from Eberron campaign setting.

On the Hydra [huge-ass river] is where the slave takers [ancient Giant empire] sailed their boats to their palaces. Here we lived in hidden tunnels to serve them without being seen. This is where their princes choked on ashes when the sky fell. No-one knows the cursed treasures that lie there. This is where traders bring strange gifts from far kingdoms. Some who go to trade with them return. No one knows where the Hydra comes from. It flows forever.

Be on the lookout for: drowned cities, giant leeches, water snakes, dinosaurs, ruined palaces, slavers, traders, giant camps, fields of dream flowers, city of the ape lords, isle of enduring light, falls of 1000 ghosts, many-colored frog demons.

This, but more ruins and more cannibals. Maybe you can catch a boat out of here.
Source: DeviantArt / Jordangrimmer

In the jungle were the cities of the slave takers. This is where we served their every wish. These are the places where Vulkoor [all hail the scorpion god] broke their people in his claws and poisoned their blood. There are many places where the slave takers live in their ruins. There are new cities here of other peoples. They do not last. Vulkoor hunts those who band together. 

Be on the lookout for: ruined cities, bands of Drow, scorpions, giants, Druxis of the Serpent Folk, dinosaur boneyards, colony-cities of giant ants, buried armies from 40.000 years ago [Warhammer -40k], fortresses of the ancient war, giant metropolis of Praxirek, the Great Rot.

So much gold. So many stairs. So many traps. So many scorpions.
In the mountains were the forts of the slave takers. This is where they practiced their magic on us. These are the places where they angered Vulkoor. Some still dig for their secrets. They are slaves to what was, but dangerous and strange. The Firebinders use slave taker magic here. The Shadowbinders live in the depths where even we cannot see.

Be on the lookout for: mundo artifacts, city of the Firebinders, Orrax the city of Gold, tunnels of the Shadowbinders, giant cults, giants, giant birds, air whales
Across the mountains lies the great desert. We do not know what sins the slave takers were punished for here. There is no shade from the sun. There is no food but what you fight for. There is no water but what you kill for. But there are creatures here that hunt us for food. We see in the dark but they see in the mind [psionics may be overpowered or weak sauce, but it's definitely awesome].

Be on the lookout for: sandstorms, sandworms, sand giants, sand in your food, sandwalkers, sand people. Also Tri-Khreen.

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