Monday, 13 November 2017

Gear and loot in the hell jungle

My players - voluntarily - chose to be crashlanded in the middle of Xen'drik, continent of wonders and adventure. Also murderous Drow. Giants. Giant-sized temples covered in gems and gold. Giant-sized traps. But I digress.

The setup

The privately-owned airship Peryton just crashed on a mountainside during its epic adventure to discover the mythic southern coast of Xen'drik. While pondering exactly how the fire elemental got loose from the propulsion ring, a couple of survivors are scavenging the wreck.

You are...X here. Good luck.

The survivors

  • Indiana Gnoll - male Gnoll ranger. Whip. Deranged laugh. [player: Robert]
  • Woody the Warforged Wizard - fucking guess [player: Bas]
  • Drake - male human healer [NPC]
  • Eorie - female human rogue [NPC]
  • Santash - male kalashtar psion who fell off the Peryton but managed to shove his mind into his psicrystal [NPC]
  • Emalyse Hargo - female crewgnome who fled the Peryton before the crash on an unknown elemental-powered contraption

The dead

  • Captain Orsken Maine - male Half-Orc professor at Morgrave University
  • Enzo Biscotti d'Sivis - male Gnome communications expert, House Sivis
  • ...and 22 other NPCs to be detailed later

You just crashed your airship on a volcano slope in Xen'drik, a year away by foot from your civilisation's nearest outpost, and this is what you could scavenge from the wreck*

* In my day job, I decode academic papers into press releases. This title would be considered overly short and on the nose for a science paper. More on that whenever I get my other blog on nuclear propulsion off the ground.

Available for free
(Although it will add to your inventory and encumbrance)
  • Ring of petrification (turns wearer into statue until removed)
  • Sending stone, cracked (for long range communication) - 1/2 inventory slot
  • House Sivis sending log, encoded - 1/2 inventory slot
  • Navigator's kit & logbook (sextant, rough maps, points of interest) - 1 inventory slot
  • Ship's compass - 1 inventory slot
Equipment you can salvage
NPC henchmen: 400 gp worth of gear (includes weapons, armor)
PCs: 9400 gp worth of gear (again, includes weapons and armor)

You can of course pool resources. No single item with a cost over 8000 gp though. Note that any spare coinage will probably be worth jack in the jungle. Best invest in some trade goods. (Post with horrible stuff to lug around to follow!)

Just so you guys don't have to look it up:
Masterwork armor +150 gp (armor check penalty 1 lower, can be enchanted)
Masterwork weapon +300 gp (attack roll 1 higher, can be enchanted)

In case you want to loot the ship mage's book
Spellbook: 15gp
Adding spells to spellbook:
  • cantrip 10 gp
  • 1st level 20 gp
  • 2nd level 80 gp
  • 3rd level 180 gp (max. 2 spells)
  • 4th level 320 gp (max. 1 spell)

This stuff might be useful, or not - feel free to buy
  • Bedroll 1 sp - 1 inventory slot
  • Rations/day 5 sp - see Usage dice (d4-d6-d8 1 slot; d10-d12-d20 2 slots)
  • Waterskin 1 gp - see Usage dice (d4-d6-d8 1 slot; d10-d12-d20 2 slots)
  • Flint & steel 1 gp - small item (5/inventory slot)
  • Rope (50ft) 1 or 10 gp (hemp/silk) (d4-d6 1 slot; d8-d10 2 slots; d12-d20 3 slots)
  • Tent 10 gp - 1 inventory slot
  • Hammock 3 gp - 1 inventory slot
  • Everburning torch 110 gp - small item (5/inventory slot)
  • Antitoxin 50 gp - small item (5/inventory slot)
  • Healer's kit 50 gp - 1 inventory slot
  • Wand of Cure Light Wounds (1d8+1, 50 charges) 750 gp - small item (5/inventory slot)

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