Saturday, 27 May 2017

Back in business

Is there a name for people who read about roleplaying games but don't actually sit at the table? Spectators or lurkers or something. Anyway, until a week ago I was one of those.

Adult life happened and one day I wake up and it's been YEARS since I rolled a die in anger. Happily reading OSR blogs and even played in a gaming store a few times, but it's not the same as having an actual group of friends to bullshit with. C'est la vie.

Then one of the old gang (who had just loaned me some fantasy novels) innocently asked: "don't these books just make you want to play d&d?"*

And they DID and in a couple of days we had the band back together and my brain slipped into heartless DM mode like it was only YESTERDAY. Now I have stuff for FIVE adventures at least in a little black book and it's scary that just driving past a fairground makes me remember all the horrible stuff that I contributed to (handle: Oorlof).

So like the cool kids do, I started this very blog to collect house rules, story ideas, and stuff that makes the rpg parts of my head blow happy bubbles.

Happy reading.

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